Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Holly & Caleb | Highlands NC Wedding

A few weeks back, Leah and I got to travel out to Highlands, North Carolina to share with Holly and Caleb in their big day. What a beautiful place Highlands is! To anyone looking for a relaxing, scenic, peaceful getaway, I say go to Highlands! We got there right in time for the rehearsal on Friday night. I never got to say it, but I was definitely getting teary-eyed just watching, so I knew it would be a special event. We definitely had to fight the rain, but were blessed to get all our pre-ceremony photo taking finished before the storms came in! All in all, I’d say everybody had an amazing time.

Holly and Caleb, thanks so much for having us out to photograph your wedding! We totally loved meeting you, your family, and friends. We know that God will bless your marriage.

Enjoy the photos!